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25-27.09.2020 Vincent Matuschka

This is Vincents secound appearence with AVeMARIE, which is no suprise because he run AVeMARIE.

He works for the exhibition Not Too Blurry, Not Two Blurry, Not To Blurry, at tete, play with the viewer's attention. With a humorous nod, Vincent overrides conventional expectations and traditional value systems by creating a dialogue between old masters' still lifes and commercial "trashiness", and by mixing different media to question our traditional notion of quality. 

The artist asks the viewer to look more consciously!





26.01.2020 Guanhai Zhu and Qiliang Huang

Guanhai Zhu is 20 years old and from Shenzhen, China. Zhu is a mix media artist, but tends to paint right now. Most of his the works focus on understanding the relationship between emotions and nature. In the past six months, he tried to express his personal understanding through definition of behavior of body.  his newest serie is called "body in entertainment".

Qiliang Huang is from China and 18 years old. He is currently studying Fine Arts at Goldsmiths, Huang is a traditional paintier. Most of his works refers to changes in life through emotions and understanding of individual life.

28.01.2020 livingroom concert with William Jack

William Jack is an Australian Cellist, Guitarist and Composer who explores multiple genres and styles. His niche is his ability to incorporate his guitar background into a progressive style of cello playing. William’s rock-fueled cello compositions have gained high praise from numerous contemporary artists including Giovanni Sollima. As a songwriter, William has composed over 100 songs for bands and solo playing. Since the release of his single “Keep Away” in 2018, he has continued to pursue a passion for producing new music. He is based in London.

23.01.2020 exhibition with Mitchell Bradshaw and Juri Muller

Mitchell Bradshaw is a 17 year old visual artist from South East London who’s currently studying at The BRIT School in Croydon. In his work he likes to explore British identity and make social commentary with a range of mediums including analog photography, printmaking, photo manipulation and sculpture and by using a variety of materials like clothing, baggies and shopping trolleys.

Juri Muller, better known as jmoney, is born in Stuttgart in 2000. jmoney lives in London studying Fine Arts second year at Chelsea College of Art. He primeraly works with painting, creating lage scale pieces, representative of his identity as a youth in London. The exhibition featues two works, titled ´bimma´and ´bobby´.

08.12.2019 goesslie jewellery BAZAR

„goesslie“ is a costum jewellery brand launched by the Austrian designer Rosalie Goess-Enzenberg, born in Bolzano in 1994. The brand is standing for unique, colorful, handcrafted pieces of jewellery. Rosalie believes that her jewellery gives and shows confidence and class. Stop the grey world and bring colour to your live.

20.11.2019 exhibition with Clara Jebsen and Vincent Matuschka

Clara Jebsen is a Danish/German artist, born in Hong Kong in 1999. She currently lives in London studying Fine Art at Central Saint Martins. She enjoys exploring with different materials and mediums within her art, with great focus on photography. Her works exhibited are focused on texture, movement and scale, that aim to create a surreal and disorientating experience for the viewer.

Vincent Matuschka is a German artist, born in Düsseldorf in 1993. He lives in London studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art. His exhibited paintings play with the use of language and colour, confronting the viewer with contrasts. Because everyone is responsible for their own perception of understanding their enviroment. Take it with humor!

Vincent is also the founder of AVeMARIE.

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